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I got the PCB in Figure 1 sometimes after the year 2000. It was already broken. The CPU on the board is an NS32016D-10. The golden peripheral is an NS32C201 timing control unit (TCU), the CMOS successor of the NMOS NS32201. The PCB looks like a PC add-on board. But it has its own operating system stored in two 27512 EPROMs. Unfortunately the manufacturer can not be identified.

In March 2017 I got the idea to read out the EPROMs (quite late ...). Very often some text can be found telling the version of the software or something else. Luckily this is also true in this case: "COPYRIGHT (C) 1985 Matrox Electronics, Ltd. All rights reserved." . Then three names follow: Alain Belanger, Chris Bracken and Paul Spencer. Should it be the canadian company Matrox which is well know for their graphics cards? The company still exist so I will check it out!

Please note that this board is the only one I know which has the CPU soldered to the PCB.

Fig. 1. Which barbarian has done this?

Update: since 28 November 2014 I know the barbarian. It's D.G. . The man who gave me this piece.

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