The Web Site to Remember National Semiconductor's Series 32000 Family


The company CompuPro developed in 1984 an NS32016 CPU board for the S-100 bus. Between 1975 and 1985 the S-100 bus was very popular in the computer industry. A computer system could be easily build by putting together a S-100 bus card, a CPU card, memory cards and peripheral cards.

I found the picture of the CompuPro board on the website This website shows many S-100 boards together with a lot of information. As far as they know this board is the only one with a Series 32000 CPU.

Fig. 1. The CompuPro 32016 CPU board running the Series 32000 chip set at 6 MHz clock speed.

A description of the board is available here. The date of the documentation is October 1984. CompuPro must be one of the early customers for Series 32000. It is interesting to note that the board is designed for a 12 MHz chip set which never existed.

The board has sockets for the full chip set of the first Series 32000 generation. There are two sockets for ROM/EPROM to fetch program code locally which is done faster than a bus access. The devices with the white label 298 - 301A are PALs. The JEDEC files of them can be found at too. The devices on the left edge of the board are power regulators. The S-100 bus only carried unregulated voltages.

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