The Web Site to Remember National Semiconductor's Series 32000 Family

GNU Toolchain

The well known GNU community has built many open source tools to support the programming of nearly all microprocessors in the world. The masterpiece is the GNU compiler for C and C++. Of course the Series 32000 was supported. But to maintain all the architectures is a huge job. From time to time GNU is taking out the support of architectures which are no longer in use. This is since some years the case for Series 32000.

My knowledge about the toolchain is zero. But the toolchain is important. It supports NetBSD which is the only open source operating system for Series 32000. Luckily Gilbert has announced that he wants to spent some time on this topic.

Alexander Voropay told me in May 2017 that he can make a wiki about how to use the GNU toolchain for Series 32000. I'm glad to present his work here: Alexander's Wiki. He is using the Software/Emulator to test the output of the GNU toolchain. He suggested to add an UART to the emulator and I will work on this item in the next time.

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