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Getting M32632

The source code of M32632 is accessible at This website is the favorite place for people designing FPGA hardware modules of any kind and let the world know about it. My M32632 can be found directly HERE . is managed by a revision control system called SVN (Subversion). If you only want to look at the source code you can click on "SVN: Browse". On the next page go to "trunk". Now you can chose between different topics. Documentation in "docs", .exe-files in "software", project and simulation enviroments in "bench", a demonstration system in "DE0-Nano" and finally the source code of M32632 in "rtl". In this directory click on an item (all of them are verilog files) and your browser will show the source code.

If you want to download files you have to register at . The limited account is sufficient for downloads. The next step is to install a Subversion client on your computer. I use a windows client of WANdisco . They have versions for many operating systems. The installation contains a pdf document for starters. You should read it if you have never worked with revision control. Windows users open a command window (unix users open a shell) and enter the command "svn co" to get all data of the project M32632. If you only want "docs" add "/docs" to the URL.

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