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Delta Instrumentation

Delta Instrumentation was a company in Italy. They offered a system based on the NS32016. The system shown here is owned by Bernd K. Thank's to him for the photos.


The DLT16000 is a straight-forward single board computer based on the NS32016 CPU.

Fig. 1. The front side of the Delta system showing two 3.5 inch floppy drives.

Fig. 2. The rear side of the Delta system.

Fig. 3. The name of the system was different. The label says DLM32000 and the serial number is probably 172.

Fig. 4. The inside is clearly structured.

Fig. 5. The complete system (except power) is made of one board. It looks quite dusty...

Delta Instrumentation was cautious: the system runs only at 5 MHz - see the 10 MHz quartz near the NS32201 TCU. IC2 could be the place for the NS32081 FPU.

If the serial number of 1292 is the correct count then a lot of systems have been built. At least one has survived more than 30 years.

Fig. 6. A detailed view of the main board. The upper right corner holds 512 kbytes of DRAM.

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