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Labtam was a company in Australia. In the 1980's they developed and sold a computer named 3015-V32 based on the NS32032 CPU. Software for the system was an Unix V. The machines found their way in the USSR. Due to the CoCom rules this was not allowed. Obviously they got no problems doing that despite the fact that this business was known in the public.

One machine exists today in the computer collection of the Estonian Tartu University (Link). The most interesting photo is of the mainboard. It shows a board designed for the Multibus. But the size is bigger than usual for multibus boards. And there are a lot of empty places for additional ICs. The screenshot shows the boot process (the machine is still booting !) which first starts a Z80 as a disk controller.

After Labtam stopped around 1990 selling hardware they made succesfully software for X-terminals. The history of the company can be found in the internet archive : Labtam history.

Thanks to Alexander for finding Labtam!

In 2021 Alexander found a 3232 CPU board from Labtam. It is shown in Figure 1. The NS32032 CPU is placed nearly in the middle. Right to it the device under the heatsink must be the power hungry NS32201 TCU. The board has 2 MBytes of parity protected main memory made of 256 kbit DRAM devices from Texas Instruments (=TMS4256-12NL) and Mitsubishi (=M5M4256P). The flyer says that no wait states are required for a CPU access.

Fig. 1. The Labtam 3232 CPU board is an impressive piece of hardware.

The photo in Figure 1 is available in higer resolution here.

Fig. 2/3. The frontside and the backside of a flyer about the Labtam 3232 CPU board. The card layout is partly different from the real board.

Even in far away Australia people liked the Series 32000 architecture 😊 .

Thanks to Alexander for the photos!

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