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Second Source

In May 1984 National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments (TI) announced an agreement that TI became an alternative supplier (second source) for Series 32000. At the same time the change of name from NS16000 to Series 32000 was announced. The concept of second source was in wide use in the semiconductor industry during the 1970's and 1980's due to customer requenst. They didn't want to have only one supplier for a critical component for their products. Today the fast development cycles and the complexity of the designs had made this concept obsolete.

The digital chips of TI are called TMSxxx. Therefore a NS32016 became a TMS32016. At the VCFe 2011 I met somebody who worked for Siemens as a trainee. His job in incoming inspection was to test Series 32000 CPUs from TI. From that time on he has two trays of this CPUs at home. Unfortunately I did not notice his name and address. (At that time I was not even dreaming of a website about Series 32000 ...) The only fact I remember about him is his collection of chess computers.

First Sighting on 20 May 2016

On 20 May 2016 I got a photo of Graham's Definicon DSI-32 board (see Systems/Definicon). To my big surprise the clock generator (TCU) was not a device from National Semiconductor. The NS32201 was replaced by a TX32201 from Texas Instruments!

Fig. 1. The first picture of a Series 32000 device from Texas Instruments.

Another surprise was the naming. I expected TMS as the prefix but it was TX. I looked immediately in the web for TX32016 - but the only finding seems to be a TV set. Not astonishing.

A start is made. I hope to see soon the other Series 32000 devices from Texas Instruments ...

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