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24 February 2024

8 December 2023

New chapter M32632/Project C7 added. It covers an FPGA topic.

17 September 2023

3 September 2023

Photos and story of the impressive SYS-16/SYS32 added to chapter Systems/National Semiconductor.

22 July 2023

Five new photos added: Figure 20 of Chips/Die Photos, Figure 4 of Chips/Second Source, Figure 7 of Systems/PD32, Figure 10 of Systems/Ceres and Figure 13 of Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous.

5 April 2023

25 March 2023

Thanks to Antoine I can present two new die photos: see NS32032 CPU and NS32381 FPU at Chips/Die Photos.

27 February 2023

The chapters Chips/Second Source and Systems/AIS got an update.

20 February 2023

4 December 2022

14 September 2022

Two more Opus boards are running on this planet - see chapter Systems/Opus.

4 June 2022

Update: Unix System V is running on the Opus board - see chapter Systems/Opus.

10 April 2022

6 March 2022

Report about the PC-MX2 of Fritz added to chapter Systems/Siemens.

20 February 2022

New informations and documents added to chapter Systems/Whitechapel.

1 September 2021

Photo of Labtam CPU board plus more infos added to chapter Systems/Multiple Vendors.

18 May 2021

24 March 2021

12 December 2020

TRIPUTER V1.1 released - see chapter M32632/TRIPUTER.

22 November 2020

Many new items of Swordfish added to chapter Chips/CPUs and Chips/Die Photos.

5 November 2020

New chapter Systems/Sequent added.

29 October 2020

Many new items added to chapter Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous.

17 October 2020

Sensation! I got a hint that a preliminary datasheet of NS32SF641 exists. Watch out for more information soon.

13 September 2020

Two items added to chapter Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous and a "cup" added to chapter Chips/CPUs.

6 September 2020

13 August 2020

It is done: TRIPUTER V1.0 is available! Chapter M32632/TRIPUTER and chapter Software/NetBSD updated.

6 August 2020

Chapter Systems/Vince updated.

19 July 2020

New chapter Systems/Lantronix added.

22 June 2020

23 February 2020

Chapter Systems/Symmetric updated.

3 February 2020

Chapter Systems/AEG updated.

11 January 2020

2 September 2019

5 July 2019

I got my first running PC-MX2 - see chapter Systems/Siemens.

20 January 2019

Big update of chapter Systems/Siemens with new photos and informations.

13 January 2019

Added new entry Labtam to chapter Systems/Multiple Vendors.

16 December 2018

Informations about the Hoststation 100 added to chapter Systems/Encore.

19 November 2018

TRIPUTER V0.3 released - see chapter M32632/TRIPUTER.

4 November 2018

The visit of Jim Austin's computer museum resulted in two new chapters:

21 October 2018

New chapter Systems/AEG added.

16 October 2018

New info added to chapter Systems/Opus.

4 May 2018

New photos added to chapter Systems/Canon and Miscellaneous/VCFe.

22 April 2018

TRIPUTER V0.2 released - see chapter M32632/TRIPUTER.

11 March 2018

Vince got his NS32532 CPUs - see chapter Systems/Vince.

5 March 2018

It is astonishing how many systems were offered based on the NS32016 CPU:

and the chapter Software/Alexander is new too.

20 February 2018

New chapter Systems/Vince added.

11 February 2018

The DB32016 is fully functional. The problem is sitting in front of the computer...

5 February 2018

My 34 year old DB32016 board is now functional, but...

21 January 2018

DB32016 added to chapter Systems/National Semiconductor and information about NS32132 and NS32232 added to chapter Chips/CPUs.

21 December 2017

Chapter Chips/Designer Kit renamed to Chips/Design Kits and updated with a new (old) kit. Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous shows now a second nice little thing.

17 December 2017

New infos in chapter Systems/Richard and a nice little thing in Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous...

30 October 2017

Die photos of NS32CG160 added to chapter Chips/Die Photos.

21 October 2017

Die photo of NS32532 added to chapter Chips/Die Photos and photo of VCFe 2015 added to chapter Miscellaneous/VCFe.

6 September 2017

20 August 2017

26 July 2017

Chapter Systems/Opus updated with information about the SYS32/20.

23 July 2017

Chapter Miscellaneous/Scrap renamed to Systems/Matrox and updated with QG-640.

2 July 2017

11 June 2017

29 May 2017

21 May 2017

Chapter Systems/National Semiconductor updated: VME532 added.

15 May 2017

Chapter Systems/Ceres updated: new link added.

9 May 2017

New chapter Systems/Gilbert added. Systems split in two columns named Systems (1) and Systems (2) due to the increased number of entries.

4 May 2017

Photo of NS32008 added to Chips/CPUs.

26 April 2017

New chapter Systems/CED added.

2 April 2017

New chapter Systems/Tektronix added and the chapters Miscellaneous/Stories and Miscellaneous/Scrap updated.

19 February 2017

New photos of NS16032 added to Chips/Die Photos.

9 January 2017

New photos of NS32081 added to Chips/Die Photos.

30 November 2016

Photos of NS32580 published at Chips/FPUs and at Chips/Die Photos.

6 November 2016

Milestone plan for TRIPUTER published - see M32632/TRIPUTER.

16 October 2016

Photo of NS32332 published at Chips/Die Photos.

2 October 2016

More informations about NS32CG16 added to chapter Chips/CPUs and a die photo of it added to chapter Chips/Die Photos. New chapter M32632/TRIPUTER added.

5 September 2016

Chapter Systems/BBC Coprocessor renamed to Systems/Acorn.

4 September 2016

Chapter Systems/BBC Coprocessor updated with information about the Acorn Cambridge Workstation.

24 August 2016

Photo of NS32032 published at Chips/Die Photos and chapter Systems/Siemens updated.

14 August 2016

M32632 V2.0 released at

4 August 2016

New chapters Systems/Indel AG and Miscellaneous/ISE Cable added.

21 July 2016

Five new die photos are shown in the chapter Chips/Die Photos.

10 July 2016

New chapter Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous added and the chapter Systems/National Semiconductor updated.

3 June 2016

New chapter Systems/Trinity College added and the chapter ICM-3216 changed to Systems/National Semiconductor.

1 June 2016

First successful tests done of the M32632 version 2 running at 50 MHz on a Cyclone IV -6 FPGA.

22 May 2016

New chapters Systems/CompuPro and Systems/Definicon added, chapter Systems/Multiple Vendors updated.

20 May 2016

First picture of a Series 32000 device from Texas Instruments released, see Chips/Second Source.

5 May 2016

At the chapter Software/Emulator a Series 32000 processor emulator in C code is available.

23 March 2016

New chapter Software/Emulator added.

7 March 2016

Chapter Systems/BBC Coprocessor updated.

14 February 2016

Chapter Systems/BBC Coprocessor updated.

30 January 2016

New chapter Chips/Designer Kit added.

21 January 2016

M32632 V1.1 files DECODER.v and STEUER_MISC.v modified and released at due to a bug fix.

20 January 2016

New chapter Systems/ICM-3216 added, chapter Systems/BBC Coprocessor updated.

7 October 2015

M32632 V1.1 released at . The new version fixes a critical bug.

18 September 2015

New chapters Systems/BBC Coprocessor and Software/PanOS added.

14 September 2015

Link to old newsgroup added in Chips/Introduction , Systems/Richard updated and the new chapter Software/Definicon added.

10 August 2015

New informations, mainly about Swordfish, available in Chips/CPUs, Chips/Documents and Chips/Die Photos.

29 July 2015

Performance results for the Dhrystone benchmark published in M32632/Performance.

27 June 2015

M32632 V1.0 released at

10 May 2015

The development of M32632 V1.0 has finished. The preparation for release at has started.

23 March 2015

The next VCFe event is taking place in Munich on 1/2/3 May. The PC632M running NetBSD will be presented.

25 January 2015

After eliminating 4 bugs the M32632 executes succesfully NetBSD and application programs.

12 November 2014

All Series 32000 instructions except custom slave are implemented in the M32632.

20 June 2014

New photos and information can be found at Chips.

17 March 2014

It's showtime: NS32000 chips & systems at VCFe 15.0 on 3/4 May 2014 in Munich.

12 March 2014

Release of this Website.

1 August 2009

Start of the M32632 CPU development.