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MAYON Elektronik

MAYON Elektronik GmbH was a company in Germany. They offered a system based on the NS32016 CPU. The system shown here is owned by Bernd K. Thank's to him for the photos.


The PHOENIX 16 board has two CPUs: one is the NS32016 running at 6 MHz and the other is a Zilog Z80A. Both CPUs have all their support chips on board. The NS32016 has 512 kbytes dual-ported DRAM. The Z80A works as the I/O processor with DMA capability. The price of the board started at 2899,- DM. Bernd said that the board was delivered only with a simple loader for the NS32016 running under CP/M. No other Series 32000 software was available.

Fig. 1. The PHOENIX 16 board mounted in a 19-inch rack.

Fig. 2. A detailed view of the board shows that no solder mask was used.

Fig. 3. A detailed view showing the Series 32000 parts of the board.

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